You Need To Be Extra Careful With Your Tresses During Monsoon!!!

August 3rd, 2017 • By Ratnam Singh
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Indian hair is naturally long and lustrous but they are also sensitive. As soon as the Monsoon season comes, it brings humidity too. Humidity is the enemy of your hair and due to weak roots, your hair start falling in rainy season. While you cannot control weather, you can definitely take special care of your tresses to protect them from damage and falling.

If you will search online, you will be presented with thousands of product suggestions. Applying a load of different hair products is equally damaging as the monsoon. However, a regular hair regimen is essential to provide your hair a safety coat. Follow these tips to assure softness and strength in your hair to flaunt different flattering hairstyles without breaking them.

1. Wash them neither too often nor too seldom

While washing your daily is not recommended, don’t leave dirty for days either. Washing thrice a week is a quite healthy routine. Choose and stick to the shampoo that makes your hair smooth and healthy.

2. Use sulphate-free shampoo

Sulphate content is responsible to make your hair and scalp dry. Choose a shampoo with zero or minimum quantity of sulphate. You will  easily find a sulphate and paraben free version of any shampoo in the market.

3. Oiling is must

 Oil is the most neglected product for hair as girls fear that their hair might get greasy and unattractive. But regular oiling is essential for the health of hair. You should gently massage your hair and scalp to leave them overnight before washing your hair. However, don’t leave the oil for too long as it can also block the pores on scalp.

4. Don’t pull or tie then too hard

In the humid season, the ultimate hairstyle is a high bun or messy tuck. While this stops your hair from falling down on your neck, it also pull the roots and make them week. This practice is also not good for the blood flow on your head. It can cause headache too. So, try to clutch your hair with some light pin or clamp rather than pulling them too hard into a bun or ponytail.

5. Trim the split ends

While oil and a good conditioner can smoothen rough ends, trimming is the ultimate solution for dead and damaged ends. After a nice trim, you can find the lost smoothness back and your hair becomes all lustrous again.

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