Tracing the Latest Trends In Office Automation

September 4th, 2017 • By Smriti Dalal
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Digital enterprises are increasingly turning to technologies powered by latest trends like cloud and mobility. And in this article, we are going to look at some of the most recent innovations that are redefining office automation in organizations.

Secure Document Management

There is a higher security risk to the documents in organizations than it used to be previously. The top office automation providers are smart in offering secure document management solutions that protect their clients’ resources from various malware threats.

Secure mobile device management

Among the new age enterprises, especially SMBs, the trend of Bring Your Own Device or BYOD is a fad. And in such situations often authenticity isn’t verified which poses a grave threat to enterprise security. Now there is new mobile device management (MDM) that address the challenges associated with BYOD by offering integrated cloud mobile devices (MFPs). There is also the option of regular firmware updates, and the MDM also fixes all the bugs and vulnerabilities in the system.

Device Manager to improve productivity

Innovative device management tools that look over MFPs and other document output devices have made it easy for document management in organizations. Cloud-based software solutions let the central management of papers helps organizations reduce manual labour and CapEx involved in managing them in-house.


For proper collaboration in businesses, there should be good video conferencing rooms that are equipped with video, audio and display technology. Innovative collaboration tools are entering the market shifting the scenario today. These tools facilitate collaboration among devices (up to 20 in some cases) with interactive flat panel meeting among them while annotating and controlling the conference participants.

Virtual Office

The virtual office concept includes workflow and process management facilities such as on-the-go printing, OCR file, scanning, publishing and conversions. The shift from physical offices to virtual ones is mostly attributed to cloud technologies. Its effect is visible in SMBs mostly that lack resources.

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