The Evolution Of Managed IT Services In India In 2017

September 4th, 2017 • By Smriti Dalal
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Information Technology (IT) services in India have evolved drastically in the past few years. And with continuous expansion of the IT services, challenges associated with security and data governance have also increased. And in 2017 data integration has become a priority and managed IT services in India are enabling organizations around the same.

The big market for Managed IT in India

In the recent years, India has emerged as the hub of managed IT services. They are involved with almost all kinds of business, starting from the large global firms to the flourishing small and medium business sector in India. The convenience, cost effectiveness and the flexibility offered are the major factors that are driving organizations to adopt managed IT services.

Network security: To what extent

The network works like the central nervous system of businesses and managing the network involves a series of difficult tasks such as monitoring unauthorized access, modification, misuse and denial of network resources. And the scope of managed IT services is improving to address these issues.

Combating Security Threats

There are different kinds of security threats that enterprise networks face. And when devices with different makes and multiple types of apps enter the interface and single guard at the entry point is not going to be sufficient to deal with the risks. There is a need for a watchdog at every step of the juncture that is susceptible to a security threat. So, network security cannot be limited to a single firewall instead it should be an end to end package that inherently safeguards your network

Opportunity for Security-as-a-Service

According to Gartner, Enterprise security spending in India has estimated to a total of $1.12 billion in 2016 which was a rise of 10.6% from 1.01 billion in 2015. The chief security consideration among CIOs includes application security, advanced threat defence, programme development and governance, identity governance, risk and compliance (GRC) among others.

Organizations across the country have been quick to adopt the IT managed services market with the high dominance of IT service sector in India. With this, the businesses in the nation are evolving around network management and network security.


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