How The Things Are Different In A Metropolitan City From My Small Home Town!!!

August 4th, 2017 • By Ratnam Singh
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Education and the living are two major causes that draw people away from their home towns to big and bustling cities. Those who grew up in a big city don’t find much difference other than independence and freedom that one is deprived of under the aegis of parents. But the daily life changes animatedly for those who come from small towns with minimum resources and small population. I belong to the latter fraternity who was born, brought up and completed school education in a much smaller town than I am currently living in the pursuit of a successful career and exploration of world being independent.

The first thing that hit me when I entered the city which happens to be the capital of our nation was the dazzle. Dazzle of people and imposing edifices! I hadn’t seen these big crowds of people at public places as in my town, every thing is small just like the city itself. In the crowd, there are people of all kinds that differ in attires, languages and demeanours. They seem to mind their own business unlike my own town where chances of running into acquaintance are always too high. Unlike my home town where I find myself answering questions like what my father does and in which college I am doing my engineering from whenever I step out of my house, here I come across faces seemingly belonging to unconventional professions and aspirations.

After people, the distinct thing that I hadn’t experienced before is the perpetual bustle. Here, I got the meaning of popular phrase, “The city that never sleeps”. Here the clock doesn’t decide the time of departure. The roads never relax, so do the passengers. You can get anything any time without worrying about the time of the day. The wonga will do it all for you, you just need to ask for it.

The most exciting thing that I had in my eyes when I first came to the city is the freedom to do things that I have feared all my life. The city gave me courage to push myself doing all that I have always wanted but was shy of doing. Going far under the sky, meeting new people, finding love and experimenting with my own personality and what not. The city has bestowed so much positive upon me while I lost some precious things that only my home town could offer. The tender care of mamma and protective umbrella of daddy, that cheerful laughter’s shared with childhood friends and that adrenaline of adolescence are the treasures I left behind burying deep inside the layers of time when I moved to this new city.

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