Even If The Whole World Turns Your Enemy, You Will Find Your Dog Standing By Your Side!!!

August 1st, 2017 • By Ratnam Singh
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However independent we become in our lives, we feel emotionally dependent at many times of our lows. During such moments, all we need is a shoulder or a mate to share the burden of emotions to feel light inside out. The irony of today is that we may be rich with million dollars but finding love and care for an emotional support is harder than anything else. When finding loyalty even in a friend is a rare sight these days, there are still a few companions which you can rely on for thick and thin. And these staunch mates are none other than pet animals who have accompanied the humans since ages by being true friends.

Although we have domesticated a lot of animals but when it comes to the most amiable and trustworthy animal, the only name that comes out is the dog. When humans have become each other’s foes, dogs haven’t changed a bit. They were and are the best friends of humans since they were evolved from wolves. Possessing unbelievable loyalty and docile nature, they make the perfect family members for any home. Owning a dog is beneficial for so many reasons, you are recommended to have an experience of keeping dog at least once in your life to see your life changing in better ways. There are many other reasons apart from being an emotional support that will make you rush to get a furry fella instantly.

1. The Laughing Therapy

Dogs are ultimate source of entertainment. They can keep you busy for hours, you won’t realize about time while being with your dog simply playing and snoozing. They can make you forget your worries with just an innocent look right into your eyes. They make you laugh whole heartedly with their silly activities.

2. They make you more social

Your dog can turn your bad mood in a cheerful one just in seconds. They make you more friendly and social with time. According to scientific researches, people with dogs socialize instantly and become close friends. They teach you compassion and empathy.

3. Health

Owning a dog directly helps you become more healthy. There are various reasons behind it. Dogs develop a special kind of microbes that protect you and your family from many allergies. They boost your physical health and immune system as they always make you run behind them. You are encouraged to go on walks and be fit with your furry friend. Scientific studies have proven that children who grow with dogs at home become healthier than those who don’t.

4. They can save your life

Dogs are the most faithful friends of humans, they will stake their lives for their masters. They can even travel miles to find their humans. There are many cases in records where dogs have saved their master’s life at risky situations. You will never get a trustful fella like your dog.

5. Happiness

Dogs are the best stress buster, they will make you forget all your problems when you will come back from work. Your dog will hop on you to show his immense love and you will feel instantly happy. You will get lost in his activities that will make you laugh like anything.

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